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What's New/Updates

This page will state any new things or any updates that I put in this site.

(8-27-09) Added a few pictures into the pictures page.
(5-23-09) Just a few minor updates that I made since I hadn't for over a year now.
(3-29-08) Finally found a picture of Dr. Doom's newer looking armor from the latest Fantastic Four movie, added it to the Doctor Doom site.
(11-7-07) Just a minor update, my birthday was a few days back and so was just changing the age number in the About Me section.  Not much more is going on really, same stuff; different day.  But last month I helped contribute to the website "The Castlevania Realm" in which I provided the information for the new cell phone game "Order Of Shadows", check it out; the link is in the Favorite Site Section.
(7-2-07) Updated the Doctor Doom section, the new Fantastic Four movie came out a few weeks back; so I added some new pictures of Doom.
(2-17-07) Noticed a few spelling errors, just a few touch ups.
(2-16-07) Added a ton of pictures of yesterdays in the "Pictures" and just two in the "To My Mother" sections.
(2-9-07) Just a few minor details that I notice that I should have added or deleted. Also added some wedding pictures that were accually from the wedding album in the Picture section at the bottom.
(2-7-07) Hello all it's been a new year, though I'm a little over due on that.  I just notice that I never updated my age in the "About Me" section and so while I'm here, I'll do that now.  For some reason it must not have changed when I thought I did back in November's update.  Next Tuesday will be six months since my mother died, time goes by too fast; pretty soon it'll be one year.
(9-12-06) Here's a update, I've added some other movies that I like in my About Me section, also added pictures in the Picture section from my wedding and also made a new page dedicated to my mom.  one other note is that right now it's about 10:05pm and in about two and a half hours from now at 12:45am it'll be one month since my mother died.  How time goes by fast, in our hearts forever mom; we all miss you.
(8-23-06) The latest update has been that my mother passed away from cancer on August 13th 2006 at 12:45am in the morning.  My wife, my father and I were present at the time she passed.  She was 59 years old, we'll never forget you mom.  I'll see you again, someday.
(11-6-05) Just one minor update, my birthday was the other day; so I just updated the About Me section.
(8-24-05) Got married back on the 13th, so just updating the About Me section.
(5-9-05)  A little something new to view, the entire site has gone a total change in design.  Too give it a more dark and jungle, congo like look too it; enjoy!
(4-7-05)  The new Fantastic Four Movie will be coming soon this July 2005!  And in doing so, I've added new pics in the Doctor Doom page telling which actors will be playing what characters in this new movie.
(4-5-05)  Just added my friend Chris' Webpage into the Favorite Links area, check it out!
(1-10-05)  Another update, though I haven't been updating this since awhile.  A lot has happened since the last time, I'll be getting married this August and I've never been so happy in my life.  Michelle has been the best part of my life and I'm so lucky to be having her for the rest of my life.  I love you Michelle!  As for any changes in this site, a few updates in the "About Me" section.
(3-27-04)  Just some new Doctor Doom pictures and stuff, that's it for now!
(3-24-04)  Hello again, only thing new is that the character of the month is now changed.  It's now a tribute page to Doctor Doom, my all time favorite character!  So if you have any info about this character that I don't know about or would like to see in this, just tell me and every so often I'll update it with new pictures and info about DOOM!
(2-4-04)  Hello all, this time I've added something that's going to really turn some heads.  Yep, it's time for the news; my style.  What's better then no news?  News that takes your average article and makes it funny.  So once a month enjoy the news, the way it should be writen!  So check it out, Monthly News From The Congo!
(2-1-04)  Hello again, only thing new is the Character Of The Month.  It's now the awesome Abomination, a major bad guy and villian of the Hulk's.  Also added two sites into the Favorite Links pages, create your own model and the official Hulk Hogan Website.  Both are pretty neat, so check them out; that's all for now.
(1-2-04)  Just a little change, not much.  I've added my new subprofile that you would normally find in my IM info, now it's here where the old one once was.  It's hidden, but if you know where the old profile use too be; then you'll find it without any problems.
(12-22-03)  Finally I've been able too update this, for about a month I haven't been able too.  So there are quite a few changes and the first one is the Character Of The Month.  The character this time is Venom and since the site wasn't working for December, this one is for the month of January.  Well only a minor touch in my Brother's page in the site and other then that, not much more.  So hopefully the site will work and I'll be able too add more when the times comes.  Catch you all later, Joe.
(11-18-03)  Just added three new pictures of me with my new leather jacket that I bought earlier today.  You can find these pictures in the Pictures page.  In other news, Matt sold the extra remaining Thursday ticket that he had.
(11-15-03)  Some info on the Thursday concert in Matt's page (Shimmer), one ticket that he's selling from what is a sold out event.  Also I added the Castlevania Realm into my Favorite Links page, check this Castlevania site out!
(10-30-03)  A new page was created, my brother wanted one for himself and so that he can have what he likes.  There's also a part called "O-Town Adventures, where he talked about the stuff he did for the day and or week.  So check it out, it's called Shimmer.  Any questions for him, just send it too me and I'll see that it gets too him.
(10-23-03)  The only thing I've put in tonight was my subprofile that you would normally see in my info part of my AOL IM.  You can now find and see the profile, it's in my "About Me" page, check it out!
(10-17-03)  This site is now complete, everything is done!  Enjoy your time here, hope you all like it.
(10-16-03)  More then 75% of this site is complete, new pictures were added and Character Of The Month is Dr. Doom.  That starts for the month of November, due too that we're half-way into October now.
(10-15-03)  The start of my website, it's starting too look like something, but a lot more too come.

What's New/Updates