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Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom


Doctor Doom

History: Victor Von Doom was raised by gypsies in a small European county called Latveria. He lost both of his parents at a very young age. Swearing revenge, Victor began to increase both his scientific and mystical knowledge with such determination that he was given a full scholarship to Empire State University. It was at ESU that Victor met Reed Richards and Ben Grimm, and where he started his extradimensional research. Doom's vanity prevented him from adjusting the schematics to one of his experiments, and the end result was an explosion that scarred Victor for life. Expelled from school, Victor began to travel the world, eventually stumbling upon a village of Tibetan monks who trained him and crafted him a suit of body armor, complete with face plate. He soon returned to Latveria, overthrew the government and crowned himself King. Ruling with an iron fist, Doom began to turn the resources of his small nation to his plans of world domination.

The Origin Of Doom
Very few times has a villain of such caliber graced the pages of comic books since the dawning of time itself than Doctor Victor Von Doom. First appearing in The Fantastic Four issue number five in 1962, he has, for thirty-five years, enthralled the comic book reading field with his diabolical plots for world domination. Doctor Doom has lead a life through thick and thin, through life and, literally, death, and through the mists of time. He has been marveled as a criminal genius, most likely the greatest criminal mind of our time (in the Marvel Universe, anyway). Herein lies the tale of Doctor Doom.
Victor Von Doom was born, though no date of birth can actually be established as of this date, to Werner and Cynthia Von Doom, who were members of a nomadic group of gypsies wandering the Balkan mountain ranges of Europe. From the beginning of his life, he was accustomed to the perpetual torment suffered by all gypsies, Latveria being one of the harshest of the tormentors. His mother, Cynthia, was renowned for her abilities as a sorcerer and a healer, and was the democratic leader of the troupe. During Victor's youth, Cynthia, bearing witness to the hardships faced by her people, began to dabble in powerful magic, eventually conjuring up Mephisto, a demon of immense power, and entered into a pact with him to gain a safe homeland for her people. She did not know the price she would have to pay for this contract. She unleashed her newfound power on an unsuspecting town without a thorough realization of the control her new power required, and, as a result, every child in the village died due to her recklessness. Fearing the damage she could wreak, she renounced her power just as a guardsman thrust a spear through her heart. After his mother died, Victor became much more intense and serious, learning as much about science and sorcery he could. He continued to pursue a relationship with Valeria, a childhood friend, who later was killed. Victor's father was soon called upon by a Latverian Baron to use his gypsy skill and magic to heal his wife. When he failed, the Baron vowed revenge on Werner and his troupe. The gypsy troupe fled the steppes of Latveria with the Baron's troops close behind them. Werner and Victor fled separately from the rest of the group, into the mountains. They were soon caught up in a cold and harsh winter, and both nearly froze to death when the gypsy band found them. Soon thereafter, Werner died, his last words being, "You must protect . . . protect . . . oohhh . ." Werner's close friend, Boris, fully realized that Werner did not mean to protect his son from the world, but to protect the world from his son and his vengeful heart. On his father's death bed, young Victor vowed revenge against the rest of humanity for the deaths of his mother and father. Victor began to study the mystic arts of magic with the help of his mother's belongings, a chest of magical potions and tomes. Finding he had an affinity for the mystic arts, he set to work on deciphering his mother's magical tomes. Soon, he determined the fault in his mother's logic - she sought power from another being when all that was needed was power from within. He also learned that his mother's soul had been trapped by Mephisto, and had not actually died. Doom grew up to travel the Balkans, tricking people to buy magical objects, such as golden statues, that turned to dust after he had left the area. He continued to use his genius in this fashion, until the Dean of Science from State University heard of his scientific accomplishments, most notably creating complex weaponry and protective devices for the gypsies, and offered him a scholarship, which Victor gladly accepted.
Doom took his chance at State University to learn all he could about science and he quickly expanded his genius. While there, he met and cultivated his hatred for the other top student at the school, Reed Richards, later known as Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, whom Doom himself proclaimed his intellectual equal. Doom began working on personal experiments in secret when Reed, who had come by Doom's home and noticed some false calculations in Doom's research. Doom dismissed Reed's observations, thinking that he could not make such a trivial mistake, and foolishly discounted the errors entirely. Doom continued on with his experiment, which merged science and sorcery into one powerful combination, when it suddenly exploded, permanently scarring his cheek. In shame, he was expelled from the University. He denounced the college and left the United States to go to Tibet to pursue the mystical arts. While there, he found the Aged Ghengis, who directed him toward a group of Tibetan monks, who Doom quickly sought out for their mystic awareness. While there, Doom became a master in the arcane arts as well as master of the monks themselves. He instructed the monks to construct him a suit of armor to strike terror in his enemies. When the armor was finished, the anxious Doom placed the red-hot mask onto his face, forever scarring and disfiguring it. He renamed himself Doctor Doom, though he held no degree in any field, and left Tibet for his final destination, Latveria. In Latveria, using his technologically and magically enhanced armor, he constructed a robotic duplicate of himself, which he would later use to his own ends. Using his genius, he infiltrated King Vladimir's castle as his royal science advisor. While there, he kidnapped and robotically duplicated Prince Rudolpho while tricking a rival of the King, a count of the Drassen family, that he would aid him in a coup for the throne. The count quickly assassinated King Vladimir, allowing Rudolpho to ascend to the throne. The now-king robotic Rudolpho, while attending the funeral of his "father," foiled an attempt on his life by the count and, having fulfilled its programming, abdicated to the "Stronger and more able" Doom. Doom quickly established a peaceful and powerful dictatorship, which he dubbed an "enforced monarchy." The capital was renamed to Doomstadt, and many of the other Latverian cities took on names such as Doomton, Doomsburg, and Doomwood. He had finally began his path to fulfilling his dreams of revenge against the world who had persecuted him and his people so ruthlessly, and Reed Richards, who had humiliated him.

The Lands Of Doom

Region Of Power

The Latveria Area
Symkaria is the most internationally accepted government of the three countries. King Stefan has, in the past, been generally sympathetic to Latverian people, but, Silver Sable, leader of a government organization called the Wild Pack constantly hounds the King of Latveria. Since the death of his fiancee, King Stefan has started cracking down on crime in Symkaria, which, unfortunately includes some Gypsies. Transia is a forbidding country, shunned by most travelers because of it's legends of Wundagore Mountain. Latverians usually are welcome in Transia and spend much time there because the people don't say much to outsiders and don't tend to venture anywhere near Mt. Wundagore. The legends often tell of a cow-woman who steals children away at night who return and tell stories of being fed cookies. Other legends include strange lights seen on the top of the mountain, flying knights, and, on a most extraordinary occasion, the mountain exploded into a showed of silver shards and reappeared minutes later.


Population: 500,000 (This is an approximation since the government of Latvertia has not allowed an outside census in over 20 years)
Type of Government: Dictatorship (Doom prefers to call this an "enforced Monarchy")
Languages: German, Hungarian, Latverian (local dialect, derivative of Hungarian), Romany
Ethnic Groups: Mixed European stock, Gypsy
Major Business Centers: None
Currency: Latverian Franc
Public Holidays: Doom's Day, Christmas, New Year (Note that Doom's Day is an eclectic holiday, celebrated whenever Doom declares it. The people seem to enjoy these impromptu holidays, but then again, Doom commands it to be so.)

The Ruler Of Latveria

The Quotes Of Doom
"Pain? Pain is like love . . . like compassion! It is a thing only for lesser men. What is pain to Doom?"
Triumph & Torment

"But time is is my hatred!  When he least expects it, when he's most unprepared; Doom will strike again!!"


"I will not lower myself to performing parlor tricks for the rabble, any more than you yourself would. For in my own country, I am also a King! As witness, the royal seal of Latveria!"
Doom addressing King Arthur in Iron Man #150

"So you would deign to know the secrets of Doom. Very well, it is good that you would read of the majesty and power of Doom; the rabble must always glean knowledge from their betters. Take care that you dare not to use the knowledge enclosed in these pages against our person. To do so would invoke the wrath of Doom, and such a thing should not be invited lightly. Learn well of Doom and his lands, for the world will soon fall before them."
Doctor Victor Von Doom

"The King of Latveria is no common murderer. If I cannot magnificently win a victory . . . it affords me no pleasure to merely slay a foe."
Daredevil #38

"Though Dr. Doom is capable of many things, the Master of Latveria does not lie!"
Fantastic Four #87

"A Renoir. I have three myself. I had four, but ordered one burned . . . It displeased me."
Doom discussed art with Tony Stark in Iron Man #249

"I want that power. By right, it is mine. For ultimate power is the ultimate destiny of Doom."
Spectacular Spider-Man #159

"No, madman! Whatever you may see there -- it is not fear! Fear is for lesser men . . . Never for Doom!"
Super Villain Team-Up #12


Doom 2099, The Doom Of The Future!

Respect Doom!

Doom is so cute when he sleeps


Mr. T  VS Doctor Doom

Just click this to see all of the action and adventure from this great story!

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 225 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Armor Of A True Monarch

The Armor Of Doctor Doom
"Doctor Doom wears a sophisticated suit of nuclear powered, micro-computer-enhanced body armor containing various offensive weaponry, including concussion beams (particle beams) and other devices subject to change; defensive weaponry including a force field (invisible kinetic energy/dimensional shunt) and the ability to charge the surface of his armor with 30,000 volts of electricity; and a self-contained air supply for 4 hours.  He has been known to carry a molecular-expander pistol in a belt holster."
Specifications Include:

Linear armature motors - flat,individually shaped to mimic motions of specific muscles.

Endo Skeleton Frame.

Thermonuclear power generators (2).

Gauntlet blasters - with energy discharge mixing chamber.

Force Field Generator array.

9 mm Broom Handle Mauser - handgun.

Man Amplifier Motors at hip, knee and elbow, ankle

Communications Pod.

Nuclear Jet Engines - for jet flight.

Other Specifications :       CLASSIFIED


Real name: Victor Von Doom
Occupation: Monarch
Identity: Public
Legal status: King of Latveria, with full diplomatic immunity in the United States
Place of birth: Gypsy camp outside of Haasenstadt, Latveria
Group affiliation: None
First appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR Vol. 1, #5


Known Superhuman Powers: While in his armor, Dr. Doom can lift (press) approximately 2 tons. He is one of the smartest men in the world and has an almost endless variety of weapons and equipment at his disposal. At the very least, Doom's armor contains a force field and concussion beams -- though more weapons may also be included. Dr. Doom also has the ability to switch minds with another person and he possesses a small amount of mystical knowledge as well.

The First Appearance Of Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom's First Armor

Doom is also the monarch of dramatic, last-minute appearances!  No matter what comic or superhero, Doom knows how to make himself known to his foes.

One of Doom's most sympathetic qualities is his devotion to rescue his mother's soul from Mephisto, which he has finally accomplished due to the help of Doctor Strange. Doctor Doom was recently voted the third best villain by Marvel fans, being outvoted by Magneto (sigh). Doctor Doom surpasses all other villains in their quests to take over the world, by actually accomplishing this impossible task. He had a short reign, wherein he eliminated poverty and hunger, but found the lack of opposition boring, and relinquished his throne. How many other villains would have given up that power? Doctor Doom did. Doctor Doom will continue to shine throughout the centuries, cheating death itself, and striving to make the world a better place for him and his diabolical plans.


The Latest Look Of Doom (Cover Art Of Fantastic Four 500)

The Face Of Doom?

The Fantastic Four Movie (1994)
Directed by Roger Corman


Actor Joseph Culp played Doctor Doom in the 1994 unreleased classic Fantastic Four movie


Joseph Culp as Doctor Doom, (Note: The very top left picture of this page is also from this movie)

The Fantastic Four, hated by Doctor Doom; Doom has an unbearible hatred for Reed Richards!

Left side, Actor Alex Hyde-White (Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards)
Top Middle, Actor Carl Ciarfalio (The Thing)
Right side, Actor Jay Underwood (The Human Torch, Johnny Storm)
Bottom Middle, Actress Rebecca Staab (Invisible Girl, Susan Storm)

The Fantastic Four Movie (2005)
Directed by Tim Story

The New Fantastic Four!

Left side, Actor Chris Evans (The Human Torch, Johnny Storm)
Left Middle, Actor Michael Chiklis (The Thing)
Right Middle, Actress Jessica Alba (Invisible Girl, Susan Storm)
Right Side, Actor Ioan Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards)

The New Look Of Dr. Doom In the New Fantastic Four Movie (July 2005)

Actor Julian McMahon Will Be Dr. Doom In This New Movie

The Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007) Directed by Tim Story


Julian McMahon reprises his role as Victor Von Doom (Doctor Doom)

The New Look Of Doom's Armor With The Power Cosmic

Marvel Super-Villian